jeudi 8 juin 2017

In the beginning it was the sound

In the beginning it was the sound…

(pic by Medhi Benkler, Kilbi 2017)

par Dejan Gacond

The thick smoke of incense is undulating smoothly under the B-Stage, slowly filling the whole space. On stage some smoke machines are reinforcing this atmosphere. A voice from beyond the grave recites gently some sentences over a heavy drone reminding some Buddhist mantras. Time dismantles. Little by little we connect ourselves to a low pace meditative vibratory flow. Dominik Kesseli and his long dreadlocks drummer cross through the dense smoke, install themselves on stage and start a first song. The image is gripping ! Dominik could be a blend of a catholic monk, a yogi master, a 70’s guru and a beatnik. He seems to embody all these characters… together and separately. He’s all of them and none of them at the same time. « I’m trying to retranscribe the landscape of my mind » as Dominik was telling me a few hours before his concert with his eyes scanning the agricultural stretch behind the Bad Bonn. It was a lot about images in our talk. « Some images I want to write… » said Dominik. The images of words… the word ; « image »…

I’ve read somewhere that David Byrne from Talking Heads realized that he has been unconsciously influenced by the evangelist sermons on the radio, by the voice’s flow of these sermons. A rhythm, a pulsation that he used to modify his way of singing. Dominik told me that he’s consciously influenced by religious music. The choirs as much as the transmission of a speech, the organ as much as the spatial ritualisation of the service. He was born and raised in a Reformed catholic family and religion contributed to outline his connection with the world and its reality. Religion is in his DNA ! However he militates for an open minded relation with others and with the world. He militates against all form of radicalism. He dreams about a world without fear, hatred or intolerance. This world ; his world reveals itself in the interval of a concert. He offers it to be shared, without imposing anything… the transcendence that could spurt out of Dominik’s image become immanence… if the experience contains something mystical, we are floating in a benevolent polytheism and not in a threatening monotheism…

« I hope the audience get to reach other planets… i hope they can travel in another dimension… » A quest to uncover the original pulsion of music, its primary necessity as much as the energy music generates. To untie oneself from dogmas as much as from the visible world’s weight, its ineluctable severity, its demeaning structures, its restricting dualities. There is something nietzschean about Dominik Kesseli. Like the wandering philosopher he attempts to go with his music beyond good and evil… In Nietzsche’s work there is also this idea of movement, sound and dance in the aim of grasping a different reality that the experimented one… When I asked Dominik what is the destination of his musical journey, he marks a pause, leaves the silence feeding his thought and says… « laugh »… One of the most beautiful book of Nietzsche is named « The Gay Science »

When time escapes from its fluid linearity, it embodies itself in a pure, crystal conscience of the instant… « The best would be if the audience loose the time… » says Dominik. So that now becomes eternal, we have to forget here. Music remains the best way to reach this feeling of now… a romance with infinity, a ballad in the incomplete, a roaming in the void… music is an eternity of maybe… a sensation sent from space to escape the time… as it is de-realizing the real, music makes reality truer than its appearance… As the long songs from Lord Kesseli and The Drums go by we are floating on huge quiet rivers as much as speeding down small mountain streams. We discover an unknown constellation of landscapes, we experiment a mystic kaleidoscope, the soil’s consciousness diminishes in aid of the sound’s consciousness… A Lord Kesseli and The Drums concert is a fragile instant hanged between the divine and the diabolical… Definitely a sentence coming up into my mind every time I am in the land of Fribourg… like if the conscious of here  was coming back to reality… A concert of Lord Kesseli and The Drums reconnect with some spiritualities nestled into history’s recklessness… Lord Kesseli offers us to see a world where we can believe in the sound, in its pulsation, in its beginning, in its energy… A floating ecstasy… a blurred wandering… the becoming music of sound… 
« Music is….deep….really. »
Dominik Kesseli

Bad Bonn Kilbi - Düdingen - 3 juin 2017

La Chaux-de-Fonds, 8th of june for the english version

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